March 13, 2013


Hermana Teeples has entered the MTC! 

I am so glad she arrived safely. Her roomie, Natalie Fuller, picked her up at the airport, took her to lunch at her favorite, Costa Vidas, and delivered her to the curb. :o) I am so grateful that I did not have to do the "curb drop"! My heart could not have handled that today.... And check out the Elders in the back! Someone tell them she is off limits for 18 months please!  What a relief to have her there, knowing that she is completely in the Lord's hands now. :o) So proud of her and love her so much!!!!


We started the morning out bright & early with Darin making yummy buttermilk pancakes. Although, I couldn't eat any....

With a few last minute items added to the suitcases - hair dryer, flat iron, make-up - the bags were zipped up and we were off to the Colorado Springs Airport. I love living in a smaller city where the airport is never crowded! Bags checked in at 52 & 47 lbs. She's going to need to use a lot of shampoo & face wash in the next 6 weeks in order to get the extra books/study materials in she needs to take to Chile, just saying.... Girls never pack light! :o)

After a few pictures and lots of hugs it was time to say good-bye to our beautiful missionary, Sister Taylor, which she has always wanted to be called. :o)

I actually held it together quite well at the airport, only a few little tears. It was only after dropping
the kids off at school, coming home to find the sweet letter she left me, and seeing all of her "stuff" still laying around that I lost it. Thankfully, Darin hadn't left for work yet and while I sobbed, gave me that reassuring "she's going to be okay" hug that only he could give me. Despite my aching heart, I am so proud of her and the choice she has made to serve the Lord. She is in very good hands and now it's my job to trust that Heavenly Father will take excellent care of her while she serves. :o)

March 12, 2013


Tonight Taylor was set apart as an official representative of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by our wonderful stake president, Pres. Woodward. What an amazing feeling to be a real "Missionary Mom"! I am so glad we were able to experience this as a family and to also have my nephew, Chad Smith, with us. We are so proud of Taylor and know she will be a great missionary!

We are also so glad that both suitcases weigh under 50 lbs!!!! Her first success as a missionary! :o)

March 7, 2013


Once upon a time, there was a missionary named Hermana Teeples.  She was so excited about serving in Osorno, and determined to take Chile by storm.  Her family would miss her very much, but promised to live happily ever after while she was serving the Lord across the world.

The end.