May 20, 2013

FAMILIA!!!!!! And Otras! :)
Okay, basically I love you all so much!! Thank you so much for al of your support and emails! I love them! :) And like I said before, not much time to write, but I can write letters later, it will just take more time to get to you haha. Anyway, second week in Chile!!!!

I am loving it here! The food is seriously AMAZING, the people are super friendly, and my compaƱera is awesome! Hna Yepez and I are figuring out the ropes of this opening a new area thing haha. It is a bit difficult, but so far we have had good succes finding and contacting people! All of the missionaries in our barrio (there are two elders also... we split the area) are all new and so it is crazy stuff! haha. We are all figuring it out and getting to know the ward, but it is seriously so fun! There are long, hard days, and some that are a bit easier, but it is all so rewarding! Like the other day.... we were knocking on doors and such and we met this lady. She was busy, looked tired and told us she wasn´t interested. We said that was okay and whatnot but before we left I had the strongest feeing that I should tell her Christ understands all of our problems and challenges and everything will be okay. The change in her face was incredible! She didn´t accept our invitation or anything, but I know that simply saying that she felt better. I don´t know what will hapen with her, but I will never forget that look on her face! :) There have been so many experiences like that this week! So many times when we were praying for someone to help and then the next door we knocked on there was someone who was having a really hard time and needed help and encouragement and we were able to give it. That feeling is unmatachable!! Holy cow!!! :) I think we have found a couple awesome investigators from it and I am super excited to see how they progress. This work is real! Jesus Christ is our Savior!! Sooooo many people need that strength in their lives and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to share it! :)

Also, I was reading in 1 Ne. 10:17-19 today and I just love the promise there! If there is something we are looking for... an answer or reassurance, there are things we need to do. First, have a desire to find it and then search diligently for that answer, and THEN Heavenly Father will bless us with the Spirit to help us understand. I love that promise!! It is the same for us as it is for investigators, and it will never change. How cool is that?? The Spirit is always there to help us learn but first we have to study it out on our own... we have to do our part. I needed that haha. Oh man, I love the scriptures so much!!!! I love studying them because I always learn tons. Everyone, kiddies especially, read your scriptures everyday!!! There is so much Heavenly Father wants you to know :)

Love you all and hope you are having an excellent week!!! Can´t wait to read your emails, all!!! :)
Your Chilena,
Hna. Teeples

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