September 16, 2013

Funniest Story of the Mission!!!


Okay, I FINALLY sent you some pictures so I don't have as much time to write today. But, I´ll be quick! :)
Taylor & Hna. Howell in the middle...not sure who the other 2 are.

This week started out great! We had lots of people in the iglesia on Sunday (not quite as many as we wanted though), and between the investigators and menos activos we were running for all lados trying to talk to everyone and make sure they knew where to go. Church is starting to give me a little bit of stress haha because there are always so many people to talk to. Sometimes we get a little frustrated because we really need the members to talk to our investigators and the menos activos more, but then I thought..."How silly. I am frustrated because we have too many people to handle?? Wow. I think I need to count my many blessings!!!" And so then we laughed, and that´s what we did :) What a good problem to have right?? But really, family... when there are people you don´t know in the iglesia... talk to them, ya? :)

Ivan is still progressing lots! Everyday he is giving up a bit more of his cigarettes, and we are so grateful for that because we gave up cookies and Peanut Butter to apoyar him! haha and man, let me tell ya.. that is tough stuff! But the elders gave him a blessing On Sunday and I think that is really helping :) He has just got to stay strong and change those desires. Pray for him lots!! Also, we are trying to help him gain a firmer testimony of the Libro de Mormon because it has hit me so hard lately that if converts don´t have a strong testimony of that book they aren´t going to remain active. There are lots of recent converts in this sector that we are working with, and without exception, the ones that are super firm on the gospel are the ones that read the BofM everyday. There is no better way! :)

Speaking of recent converts, we have been working lots with Claudia and Huayupe this week. Oh man, do I love those kids!!! We have lessons with them together lots because we have to have another mujer to teach Huayupe, and basically those lessons are my favorite. We want them to get married haha. But ONLY after he serves a mission. Right now we are trying to encourage him lots to serve because we know it is the only thing that will solidify his testimony and we know he was baptized at 21 for a reason. But we´ll see how it goes! Lots of prayers there too! :)

Okay, I gotta tell you all about the funny story of the week this week... more like funny story of the mission haha. We have this family of investigators, a mom and her 3 kids that are absolutely AMAZING! I love them so much. But sadly, every time we have gone to visit them these past couple weeks we have been out of BoMs... oh the shame! So the other day we decided to drop off 4 BoMs at their house with a little note during the day before they got home from work and such. Well it was raining super, super fuerte that day and so we had the books all tied up in a plastic bag and we going to put them over their fence. Well it was raining really hard and I didn't want them to get wet on the ground, so when I peeked over the fence (its really tall and made of wood) I saw a washing machine and thought, I´ll just throw them on the washing machine instead! They´ll be lots safer there. Unfortunately, my aim isn't quite as good as I thought and I didn't see the big bucket of water next to the washing machine..... and they landed right in the bucket of water! I just about panicked hahaha. So then the dilemma was, do we leave four BoMs in a bucket of water or do we hop the fence in skirts??? We couldn't get over, so obviously the only logically thing to do was get down on my hands and knees in the mud and have my compañera climb on my back and use the hook of my umbrella to rescue the Libros and toss them onto the washer! Bahahaha oh my gosh did we laugh hard, rescuing these books in the pouring rain! But we did it!! And I don't even think they were wet! Miracles of the Lord :) 

Other than that, pretty good week! I love Hna Howell so much and we are just happy all the time! There are always things to work on of course, but I just love the mission and this sector and my compaéra so much :) It was a really great week. Also, I just wanted to tell you all how grateful I am for my Savior and repentance. I have been studying that lots this week and it just blows my mind how repentance really is a gift and how amazing it is that we have this opportunity to change and grow every day. We are children of our Heavenly Father and He loves and we have all of His potential because of Jesus Christ! :) 

I love you all and mom I LOVED your letter! I could just picture ya talking into your phone driving to the temple haha. Thanks for all the update on the kiddies and such. I am gonna write Ty next week! I think I have a bit of advice to give in that category ;) And tell Jakey I love him so much and he is the coolest and that he is going to LOVE high school! And tell Jaden and Carter and Kaci that I miss their sweet faces and I talk about them all the time. And Dad that I love him tons and I am so proud of him and the hard work that he does everyday. I am so grateful! I love you all so much! Be happy always because eternal life is waiting! :)

Your Chilena,
Hna Teeples

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