September 6, 2013

His missionaries...His friends....


Another crazy week here in Osorno! :) Haha the days are seriously always full of crazy happenings here close to the mission home. I think I am going to have quite a hard time leaving when the time comes haha. I am getting used to having Elder and Sister Goodman in our ward and the cinnamon rolls and cookies and pumpkin cake  she makes :) And i have to tell ya it is pretty funny to randomly run into President Rappleye every once in a while. Hna. Howell and I were walking back from a meeting in the capilla the other night and we walked passed the mission home, and President just happened to be looking out the window and got this huge grin and waved for us to come in haha. The Goodmans and the Ericksons (his two counselors and their wives) were all there too so we spent a few minutes talking to them haha.They were all going out to dinner with the Schettlers, the family of our mamita haha. So many connections in this area! I always love talking to them because they all remind me of Grammy and Grandpa! Haha it´s kind of a funny thing that happens here, but I´m not complaining! :)

Other awesome things this week... so remember Claudia that I told you all about last week? The recent convert from Punta Arenas that we ran into? Well we had two lessons with her this week, re-teaching her the lessons, and holy cow... she is so amazing!!!! Every time we leave we are just in awe at how much she knows and how strong her testimony is after just a couple months. For example church... she hasn't missed a Sunday since she first started going to church and she travels a LOT. But she said that she can´t miss a day because she needs to take of the Sacrament and it is what God asked us to do. It is incredible! She is so cute and always has "once" all ready for us, and then we sit around the table and talk about the gospel like friends. Hna. Howell and I love it so much!! The lessons with her are always so great because she has just amazing things to say as we do, and I think I learn more from her than she does from us haha. Seriously, she is of ORO!!! And we met her Dad for the first time the other day, which was awesome because she wants us to teach him the lessons and said that she purposely reads the BoM at meal times so that she can share with him the things she learns. Haha holy cow. Of oro, I tell ya! :)

We also have two other investigators, Ivan and Marlyn, that are progressing lots! Ivan has been attending church for the past few weeks, but is struggling to pray... this is a concern of ours because without prayer he will never receive an answer. We have testified so many times without success, but the other day the Spirit was really strong when we bore testimony of prayer so hopefully he prays. Pray for him!! He is so great and we have seen so much progress, he just needs to get down on those knees. Marlyn is also amazing! We had an amazing lessons with her yesterday and she is going to church with us tomorrow too :) She really loves everything we have taught and has a great family, we have tons of hope for her! WE invited her as well to be baptised yesterday and she accepted 31 de Agosto tambien if she receives her answer. Woot woot!! So with a bit of faith and an abundance of prayers and a few cambios in sus vidas, hopefully we should have dos bautismos the end of this month! :)

We seriously have so many amazing people in this sector, it blows my mind sometimes. BUT... we are having lots of difficulty getting in contact with them again. We will have an awesome lesson one week with the Spirit so strong and then our next lesson cae and we cant get in touch with them again. Oh man, it can be frustrating. Yesterday was a bit rough and several lessons fell through and Hna. Howell and I were talking about how sometimes we imagine the Savior and think, "If I was just more like HIm... if I just had more charity or could testify with more power or teach more clearly, then more people would open their doors and I would change more lives." But then we realized that isn't the case. He was and IS the perfect teacher, missionary, friend, perfect EVEYRYTHING and how many people rejected and are still rejecting Him?? Tons! More probably than actually listen. That realization hit me pretty hard... we suffer in the same way He suffered and are rejected even when we KNOW they understand in the same way He was rejected. And as his missionaries, his friends, we bear the same burden He bore. And then all of the sudden after that, I felt better :) Sometimes the days are hard, and sometimes I am tired and frustrated because no one opens their doors... but I stand with Him and can´t but be happy when I think of that :) D&C 122:8. Scripture of the week! Read it :)

Love my Savior, love this sector, love you all!!!! Loved the letters last week and excited to read them this week! The pictures of the kiddies are so CUTE, looks like you all are enjoying the summer!!! Dad, loved your letter last week and hope your class was amazing, as always! Oh and parents... HAPPY ANNIVERSERY last week!!! Forgot to tell ya, but I am seriously so grateful for you both and your examples. My appreciation of marriage has shot up in the mission where I can so how hard Satan is attacking the families and it makes me so grateful for you both! Miss the kiddies, give them all hugs for me! Have a great week and love everyone always because ETERNAL LIFE IS WAITING!!!! :) Love  you all!!

Hna. Teeples

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