April 18, 2013


FAMILY!!!!!                                                                    4-4-13

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe another week has gone by. Over half way done! In less that 3 weeks I will by in Chile. Can we just talk about that for a second? Madness! But I am so excited!!! Holy cow, I am so excited to meet the people and start teaching them! :) I miss you guys so much!!! I about die of happiness every time I get a letter. Can I just say that I was blessed with the greatest family ever?? Because really I was. I was showing my whole district my picture book with all of you in it the other day and just kept thinking... seriously, I am so blessed! I love you all so much!!!! :)

So this week has been awesome! So many things happen at the MTC it is so hard to even know where to begin! On P-days, we always go to the temple really early in the morning and do a session and then eat a Celestial breakfast there. It is great! I love the temple so much and I finished all my family names this week! Woot woot! So Grandma, I will be sending them to you soon! P-days are awesome, but they go by so fast haha. There is always so much to do! The temple is my favorite though :)

So one of the investigators we have been teaching, Yira, is 16 and he makes me so happy!!! We had intercambios last week and I wasn’t with my comps when they invited him to be baptized (pretty much I was super sad about it), but he had to ask his parents and yesterday when we met with him after he asked them we discovered his mom was baptized a member and he didn't even know! Haha it was awesome. So we are working on a "baptismal date," and it is just the greatest. Lessons with him are always so happy and it is so exciting to watch his knowledge and desire to learn more grow! We have another lesson with him tonight and I am super excited. It is amazing to watch people, even fake investigators, start to be converted unto the Lord. That seems to have been a huge theme this past week... helping your investigators (and yourself) become converted unto the Lord. We have to teach clearly enough and with the power of the Spirit so that they desire to keep commitments on their own, without our prodding. It is super difficult to master how to do that, but watching it with Yira is awesome! :)

Easter was basically the greatest day of my life! Let me explain a little about how it went... we had a big "mission conference" for Sacrament Meeting, which means that the sacrament was being passed to over 3000 missionaries at one time. It was the coolest thing ever! I felt like we belonged in one of the Bible stories. Then the speaker for that meeting was Bishop Chause, of the presiding bishopric. He gave such an awesome talk on the Savior and coming to know him better! Then we had a branch testimony meeting... I was up bearing my testimony in lovely Spanish (baha... super basic!) and who walks in but Bishop Chause?? It was crazy! Everyone turned around and got all excited, but I kept my cool and continued with my testimony. Haha I can officially say I have borne my testimony for a general authority! :) We had an awesome afternoon, and then for devotional that night, Sheri Dew came and spoke to us! Okay, that woman is seriously amazing. And then after that, we usually watch some sort of movie and that night it was a devotional Elder. Bednar gave a couple Christmas's ago at the MTC entitled, "The Characters of Christ." Talk about a life changing day!!!!! And then Tuesday another general authority came! Seriously, I received so much revelation and spiritual upliftment that day I felt tired haha. Our whole district felt about like how King Lamoni feels after Ammon taught him and at that moment I totally understood why he and his whole house passed out for hours hahaha :) I love the Spirit so much!!

I wish I could tell you everything that I learned that day, and this whole week! It seriously has been an awesome week. But every week is like that here! The Spirit is absolutely incredible. One elder in my district said that the MTC in Provo is kind of like the epicenter of the Church... so don't you think that there are prophets of old walking the hallways and angels up in the spirit world come here to learn, side by side with us, how to preach the gospel? I wouldn’t be surprised! This place is amazing :) Like I said earlier, one of the huge things I learned this week is the importance of conversion not just testimony... and how we achieve that by striving the develop the characteristics of Christ and enduring to the end. And the more I learn the more I realize I have such an incredibly long way to go haha. I feel like I have just barely, barely begun my conversion process! A couple things that stood out to me are these: first, the Savior. Without Him, we can't change. He was always focused outward, never inward, and even when He went through the worst things he was thinking of others. I need to be so much better at this, especially as a missionary. I know as I focus on others, their conversion and mine will come at the same time. Another speaker talked about how "the most important work is done within the walls of your own home," and if so, why are we here?? Because we are preparing ourselves for that work. By enduring to the end of our mission, we are learning how to endure to the end of our lives and how to help others do that. His mission president told him he would know he was a successful missionary if the grandchildren of his convert were converted... think about that. The grandchildren! I love comparing that to our family. If I am truly converted, so will my kids and their kids and their kids and it goes on and on! It is such a cycle and I think the importance of being converted is just going to become more and more in the going years. I am so grateful to you parents for teaching my the gospel! Oh man, I seriously don't know where I would be without your examples and guidance. And because your conversion, I can go teach people in Chile who will teach their kids! It is such a huge ripple effect! I love how we all need each other to get back to heaven :) I love the gospel!

Anyway, running low on time... other news. This week I was called as the coordinating sister in my zone. Pretty crazy haha.  It is kind of like the sister equivalent to a zone leader. I am in charge of all the sisters in my zone and making sure they are doing well, and training the new districts with the zone leaders and conducting weekly interviews and such. I feel so lucky to get to serve as the sister for a little bit! I can't wait to get to know the other sisters better. There are so awesome sisters that just came in, and I can't wait to help them and learn from them! :)

It sounds like you all have had an awesome week!! :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE your letters!!! And thank you so much for my package! I loved it so much!!! And have basically been on a sugar high ever since haha. You guys are the best! Also, I haven't seen Brandon yet but I hope I see him soon! I did see Phil Babbit though! Haha he is awesome. Our classrooms are in the same building. Oh, and I got the sweetest letter from Sister Searing! Will you tell her thank you for me? It was so nice :)

I just want to share one last thing with you... last Friday, on intercambio day, this hermana and I were having a pretty rough time haha. But our awesome teacher, Hermano Zuzunaga shared this scripture with us and I just loved it so much! Read 3rd Nephi 17:7 and then verse 10 too. I know that we all have wounds and things that we want to change in our life, but through Christ, He can heal us of anything. Whether it is a sickness or trial or characteristic we want to change. And just like the people of Nephi in verse 10, we will be so happy and thankful when we see him again! One general authority (can’t remember who) said, as he was close to dying, that he wouldn't know his Savior any more when he finally saw his face than he does now. That made me realize that I have a long way to go to get to know my Savior!! I love you all so much and I know that the Savior loves all of you too and no matter what you are struggling with He can help you if you come to Him. This gospel is amazing! And so are all of you!!1 Have the greatest week EVER! :)

Until next week, your favorite missionary
Hermana Teeples :)

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