July 12, 2013

Family History is AMAZING!!

Familia!!! :)
Okay, lots to tell this week! We had ward conference and there were lots of activities and my compañera and I got sick for a day because of the food (or something haha. we love the food de la mamita but it always makes us feel a little funny no lies) and so it was kind of a crazy week. But we also had lots of awesome experiences! :)
First, we had an awesome lesson with an investigator named Fabian! solo and so it is hard to set up appointments with him because we always have to have another hermana. But we finally had another lesson this week!!! And man, the spirit was so strong!!! :) We taught him the first lesson because the last time we taught him about the plan of salvation and he was so receptive! As usual haha. It is cool because he always reads the things we give him to read and we know he has a real desire to learn. We had the Mamita Moya with us (she is the bishop´s wife) and she was so great too! It is so amazing when the investigators can hear the strong testimonies of the members testify too. Anyway, it was just so awesome because he was understanding everything has this real desire to read the Book of Mormon. He kind of reminds me of Rod... he is successful in his work and whatnot and just kind of enjoys life by himself, but when he makes a compromiso he keeps it. Which is awesome in this work because so many investigators don't keep their commitments, and without commitments they can´t progress! Anyway, awesome awesome lesson! We are so excited to see his progress! And afterwards the Mamita was so excited and just kept saying ¨He has got to talk to the bishop... I just have the strongest impression that he has got to meet the bishop.¨ Haha it is so awesome when the members are excited for the investigators too! :) Also, just that day we had had an incredible zone meeting with our new zone leaders (who are awesome btw!!! We just feel so pumped and excited after talking to them!) and they were talking about how in every sector there are men who are predestined to be Priesthood holders and how the Church needs these Priesthood holders to function. And that day we felt like we found a future Priesthood holder in our area! :)
Also, updates on Morelia... she couldn't attend church this week (sadly...) BUT... she and her daughters DID attend an activity in the capilla on Friday! And they had so much fun!!! Man, it was so cool because they just looked like they belonged in the Church! They were talking with lots of people and the Bishop and it was so neat to see them all (especially her daughter Connie) get excited about the activity there and want to come back. And little Danae!! She just ran right up to me and clung to me the whole time! Haha ¨Hermana Teeples! Hermana Teeples!¨We are basically best friends ;) I just love those girls so much and we are working and praying so hard for Morelia! She has the desire and the testimony, just needs to conquer her fear! We have a lesson with her tonight and are super excited for it :)
Other awesome thing this week is that we went and visited the family history center! Man, that place is so cool! Our ward right now has a date in August to go to the temple and Hna Yepez and I have been thinking and planning activity to encourage them all to go. We are planning an activity to help them search and find their own family names to take to the temple, so that is is more personal and exciting for them. And when we were talking with the family history lady, we just got so excited! She loves the work so much and is thrilled to help us. It is amazing how powerful the spirit of family history work is and how excited people get as we talk about it. We've been talking about it in almost every lesson with members these past couple days and you can see the interest and excitement on their faces! It is cool because lots of people here in Chile has tons of ancestors real close like grandparents that need their work done and we are going to help them! Woot woot! Haha family... family history work is so amazing! It is such a testimony builder that this gospel is for EVERYONE and includes the whole family of the earth! Ya´ll should get involved :)
One last thing... today I was studying about the Atonement and reading the talks in the Ensign about How we know when we are accepted of the Lord and how the Lord always wants to forgive us. I was studying and I realized something that I had never realized before. Heavenly Father sent His Only Begotten Son... Jesus Christ paid for ALL of our sins and sorrows. And for what? What do they receive for their sacrifices? Us. They receive US. That is all they want and that is all they have ever wanted. For us to live with them in an endless state of peace and happiness! All we have to do is follow the way. They sacrificed their huge part, and the only thing they ask of us is a broken heart and contrite spirit as it says in 3 Nefi 9:20. And when we sacrifice our tiny little portion we can receive a remission of our sins and all of their blessings! It just hit me how incredible that is. We sacrifice little so we can receive blessings for ourselves, but they sacrificed everything so WE can receive everything. Oh my goodness I started to cry haha. It is so simple!!! We just need to become as little children and come unto them. I love in 3 Nefi 9:21-22 how it talks about that and then in D&C 50:41-42 it says that we, his ¨little children¨will be His if we just do our part and make our tiny little sacrifice! Wow. This gospel is so incredible and so simple. I don't think it is a coincidence that we have to become as little children to inherit the kingdom of God... because we are children and the sacrifices we are asked to makes are tiny in comparison to those He made for us. We just have to humble ourselves and do it! :)
I love this gospel, I love my Savior!!! With all my heart! And I am so grateful and honored to be a missionary for Him. I just hope I can do some good here in Chile in His name haha. I love you all so much and I hope you have an amazing week!!  Eternal life is waiting!! :)
Hna. Teeples

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