July 27, 2013

My First Cambio!!!!!

Family!!! :)

My first cambio!!!!! Holy cow, it is a lot of work to swap all the missionaries every six weeks haha. I have no idea how President and the office does it. I have a feeling my appreciation for them is going to increase this cambio because... they are ALL in my ward here in Osorno! My district consists of the assistants to the President, his secretaries, my district leader and his companion that both work in the office tambien, and my new compaƱera Hna. Howell. Haha not sure what we did to be in a district like that, but I think its safe to say I´ll learn a lot! ;) haha. President is also in our ward, and our bishop is Elder Goodman that is here serving a mission wife his wife (matrimonio missionaries). Our house is close to the mission home, and we live with two other hermanas that are both from Peru. Our house is huge, but a poco of a disaster because during cambios and such lots of hermanas come and stay in our house. It is unofficially called the ¨mission home of the hermanas.¨haha So basically yeah... I am in the middle of everything here in Osorno! :) Oh, and just fyi... being close to the office means that I can receive letters SUPER quickly right now, so if anyone feels like writing me a letter, go for it ;)

I have only been here for three days, but I have already learned lots! This sector is a lot different that my sector in Valdivia. It is super quico or rich haha, and some of the houses are gigante!! Our mamita is a recent convert and she and her family live in a HUGE house and have a lady that cooks for them (and us) food that is super yummy, and super healthy, without tons of pan! Yay! I just might actually lose a little bit of the weight that I gained in Valdivia haha. But even though this area is more wealthy. the people I have met so far are seriously so great! WE have had a few lessons with menos activos, miembros, and investigators and I am so surprised at how willing they are to learn and their dedication to keep their commitments!!! Obviously we are going to have our own struggles, but so far I am so pleased to teach people that are progressing and keeping their commitments :) Everyone says this sector is of "oro" and I am super super excited to work here! :)

It hasn't been without its desafios though haha. Hna. Howell has only been here for six weeks and we both just finished our training, which means to some degree we have no idea what we are doing haha. I´ll admit I was a bit frustrated the first day or so because she doesn't know where a lot of things are (and I don't either yet), and we are both used to doings things a little bit differently. We both have very distinct manners of studying and planning and teaching and the first couple days were a little rough. But I was praying super hard that we could have unity and as soon as I started to feel frustrated I decided... No! I am going to be happy and we are going to work together and it is going to work out! :) So I humbled myself a bit (or a lot haha), prayed really hard, and yesterday was so awesome!! :) We contacted people and had four really awesome lessons and I learned that I actually love teaching with her. She talks a little more slowly (something I need to work on) and it has been helping me so much in the lessons! Not only do people understand us better, but we also give ourselves more time to listen to their concerns, listen to the Spirit, and then respond in a manner that is best for them. It is such a great feeling! I know we still have lots of work to do in our companionship, but she is seriously so great and her desire to serve and focus on our purpose and help these people is so honest and sincere and I have already learned tons from her! :) Also, we never speak Ingles because she wants to work on her Spanish and I do too, so I can definitely feel that I am going to improve my Spanish even more with her. I am super excited for this cambio! :)

Okay, not much time but in case you didn't know... I love you all SO MUCH!!! I am so glad you all are my family! I want you all to know that I know this church is true and that we have the great responsibility to share it with everyone. I am so excited to work here in Osorno! Even though its freezing haha. Love you all, more next week, and BE GOOD because ETERNAL LIFE IS WAITING!!!! :)

Hna. Teeples

OTRAS: Thanks to the VanWies and adorable Clara Reese for their letters!!!! I absolutely loved them and they were so sweet and kind!!! I am super excited to try out that recipe Clara! You all are awesome and thanks for the support! :)

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