July 12, 2013

Locked In and Out!!

Hola familia!!! :)
Okay, crazy week so here I go with the stories! First off, TY CONGRATS ON THE MISSION CALL!!!!!!! Dude, I am so excited for you! Wisconsin is going to LOVE you! Holy cow, I cant believe it! Haha Ty I am so proud of you! You are going to be such an AMAZING missionary!!! Bahhhh! Also, I loved hearing all about Alaska in your email! You should definitely email me again! I want to hear all about your adventures and mission prep and whatnot :) I only read quickly about where you are serving but I cant wait to read all about your experience. Oh heck, I wish we could talk! So you should email me :) Love you SO MUCH! Soo proud :´)
Okay, on to this week. Basically it was awesome! We FINALLY had  one of our awesome investigators in the church yesterday and Francisca, the menos activo that we are working with. And it was so amazing to see how interested and attentive she was to everything. She has been dealing with a lot of depression these past few years and tried to commit suicide earlier this week. Pretty sad :( But it has been amazing to see her testimony grow just in these past few days! She loves going to visit investigators with us and was asking all sorts of questions in church yesterday, and is super excited about our family history activity that we are going to have with the ward this week and wants to learn more and more about the gospel. It is so amazing to work with her! And yesterday we had a lesson with a new investigator who is PERFECT for Francisca! We cant wait to take her to a lesson with this new investigator :)
Also, I love my new district so much!! We got new zone leaders, who are in our district, (one is from AZ btw and went to Skyline! he is older, so i didn't know him but he is in AJ stake and lives down the street from Marlee Roberts haha. Elder Madsen. anyway its cool that we know lots of the same people) and we all just had s much animo and excitement to work in our meeting this week. It is awesome to feel the unity in our district and then see the results. We had awesome lessons this week and have such an awesome feeling about this week... it is going to be a week of miracles, I just know! :) Our poor leaders though... we put them through quite a lot this week haha. First, after our district meeting, Hna. Yepez and I ran to the bathroom and the elders thought we left, so they left without us and when we went to go leave we discovered that we were locked in the capilla!! Haha they locked us in! So we had to call them to have them come let us out... boy did they get a good laugh out of that! Then, two days later, we came back to our apartment after lunch with the Mamita and realized that we didn't have our keys.... haha so we had to call our leaders and again, this time telling them that we were locked OUT of a building. And yesterday, for the worldwide training meeting, we accidentally went to the wrong stake center haha. Third phone call... ¨¿Donde estan elderes?¨ Haha oh my goodness, the SHAME! We all got a good laugh out of all the experiences, but I promised myself that I would not cause problems for my district leader! (BRIAN... this is for you and all other district leaders our there! haha) And I may or may not have said in a bit of desperation... ¨No tenemos problemas!! Promesa!¨ Haha. We don't have problems!!! Haha Anyway, after that adventure of a week, Hna Yepez and I are on a quest to redeem ourselves ;) 

Speaking of worldwide mission training.... OH MY GOSH that meeting was incredible!!! I think Mom, you attended it right? Not sure who else did, but oh my goodness the spirit was so strong! It was amazing. I just felt so excited and pumped for the work after and so humbled to think that I am a servant of the Lord right now in this time. and the new Internet rules are kind crazy no? Haha not sure how I feel about all that, but it will be lots easier for sure to communicate with investigators. Just everything though... the talks, the videos, all the missionaries in the Marriott Center at BYU, the prophet, everything! I was so overwhelmed by how amazing it was :´). I know that this work is increasing rapidly and with the help of all the members working together, we are going to see miracles. We really are in the last days and the most important work we can all do is missionary work! People need this gospel!! Every time I hear the prophets and apostles speak, it is just amazing how strongly the spirit testifies.
I loved so many things about the meeting, but I especially loved the emphasis on the LOVE we need to have to do this work. It really all starts with the love we have as members and missionaries. They need to feel the Spirit in order to have a desire to change, and our purpose is to help them feel that spiritual atmosphere. And we can only testify in the way that they need and with the Spirit when we have that love for them! Because when we have love, we listen to their needs and Heavenly Father gives us His promise that we will be able to testify in a way that can touch their hearts, and thus help them feel the Spirit. And it all starts with our love for them. I love the pray of Alma in Alma 31:34-35.... the perfect example of a missionary prayer! Their souls really are precious and we can help them when we have that Christlike charity. That is my goal this week to have more love :)
Family, this gospel is true!! I just loved the videos yesterday that showed the kids growing up and preparing for missions. I cried and smiled as I thought of you kiddies preparing for missions! I love you all so much and hope you have an amazing week! Mom, have a great time at Girls camp! Also, I am glad you are all safe from the fire! I love you all!!!!! Choose the right and be missionaries today! People need the gospel and eternal life is waiting! :)
Your Chilena,
Hna. Teeples

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