July 12, 2013

Firsts...Earthquake & Fleas!!!

Family!!! :) y otros :)
Okay, so this week... lots of firsts! :) For example, first time that I have experiences the joys of fleas,and I dare say it wont be the last! haha. There are zillions of dogs in the streets always here and por eso, we have fleas! Ahhh haha not something I would wish upon anyone. But its all good... we just itch itch itch and shake our clothes everyday haha :) Also first time I experienced an EARTHQUAKE!!! AHhhh!!!! Bahaha, nahh it was super small and i could barely feel it but I do remember feeling my vision go funny like I couldnt see straight because the earth was moving of something... turns out it was ;) Also this was the first week that I honestly truly desired to be an elder for a moment (or few) because we keep finding so many awesome, interested people that want to hear the gospel but they are men that live alone and we cant enter without another hermana! Ahh the frustration! haha. I think we literally contacted 4 or 5 sincerely interested people in one day and they were all men that live solo. It was kind of sad haha. But I know we have this rule for a reason and we just have to work hard to get members to go out with us so they can have the gospel as well! :)
To be honest... this week was kind of hard. All week long we felt like every person that was interested we couldn't get a hold of or couldn't pass because they lived solo or our lessons fell through. And every person that we were teaching had a testimony of the gospel or part of it at least but wasn't keeping their commitments. We felt like we were teaching but we weren't having any results. And I was feeling kind down haha. We our teaching people but no one is receiving salvation!!! It came to a climax when Angela who we have been teaching basically said (after an awesome lesson where we felt the spirit really strong) that she didn't want to get baptized and felt like we were obligating her to do things. Ahhhh Angela! The one who was sharing folletos with everyone before! Haha I might have shed a few tears after that lesson. BUT... things are always worst before the storm breaks :)
And on Saturday night the storm broke!!! We had a lesson with an investigator Morelia who we have been teaching for a month or so and it was hands down the best lesson we have ever had! She has taken lessons before and she is so great and has a testimony strong already but has had problems sticking to her commitments. She lives with her two daughters Connie 18 and Danae 6 who I just ADORE and we always have good lessons with her but this was different. She bore her testimony to us about the spirit she feels in the capilla and how all her burdens just seem to vanish and about how every time she reads the BOM it just makes sense and she feels like it is true. She has such a strong testimony and we asked her straight up.. what is holding you back from baptism?? She said fear... fear that she doesn't know enough yet and isn't doing enough to be baptised. I felt like I should share Ether 12:27 and when she read it she immediately started to cry and bore testimony again of how she just knows these things are true. We told her that baptism is just the beginning! And she doesn't need to know everything before and we and Heavenly Father and here to help her. Oh my gosh, the spirit was SO STRONG in that lesson! She hasn't committed to a fecha yet, but she will :) She promised to get baptised before we leave Chile haha... I just want it to be while we are HERE in Valdivia! Oh man, best lesson ever! To hear your investigator bear testimony over and over! I love her and her daughters so much! Pray for them! :)
Family, I know this work is true! I have been reading lots in the Ensign and it was just a reconfirmation to me that we are literally in the last days and we all need to work TOGETHER to help this work. I love Jacob 5:70-75. I love how the Lord calls his people to labor WITH and the blessings he promises. He promises that we with receive joy and we can all rejoice together! I also love the blessing in Mosiah 4:12. There are so many blessings awaiting us if we just keep the commandments and share the word! I have personally felt my testimony grow so much because every time I bear it it is a reconfirmation that I know these things are true. And just as it says in the scriptures we will receive more knowledge and be full of joy and feel God´s love as we do these things. I love you family!!!! Pray and look for opportunities to share the gospel!! :)
No mas tiempo but I love you all!!!!! Cant wait to read your emails!!! thanks again for all your support! i feel it everyday!!! Have a great week! :)
Your Chilena,
Hna. Teeples

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