July 16, 2013

Happiness Comes Through the Savior :o)

Familia!!!! :) 

Okay, no tengo nada de tiempo so I am going to be really fast haha. We have a zone activity and we are going to the beach and anyway no time haha. BUT... lots to say! so fast :)

First, I am so glad you all had to much fun with the family last week! S excited for sweet little Emma that is baptized now. Woot woot!!1 Love you, sweet girl :) Also glad you got to see Grandma T and the rest! Will you tell Gram that I love her and hope everything is going well and will email her next week when I have a bit more time? Also, Mom to clear up your doubts... I LOVE hearing about everything that is going on at home! Seriously is my favorite :) I love your animos and hearing all the stories so keep it coming!haha.

Okay, so lots of changes this week. Cambios like I told ya and guess what.... your Chilean is going to Osorno!! Haha pretty crazy, but I am already heading to my second area. It is crazy! I leave Wednesday and my new campañera is a gringa from my group in the MTC haha, so we both just finished our training and are going to be learning how to be ¨normal¨missionaries together. Haha should be an adventure :) But I know her a little bit and she is super funny and sweet, so I am excited :) Also, it will be fun to be close to the mission home for a bit too and close to the volcano woot woot! Also, pretty sure my new Pday is Saturday so just a heads up... you should write me before then ;)

Well since I am leaving, that means that I have to say goodbye to all my people here in Valdivia.... ahhhhh!!! It is so crazy! I love these people so much and it is going to be hard to leave. Yesterday in the ward when I got up to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting at the request of the bishop, I felt like King Benjamin giving his final words to his people before he died. Basically I wanted to call them all to repentance and remind them to follow Christ ALWAYS because I want to see them in the Celestial Kingdom, but.... I decided to share my testimony and tell them how much I loved them instead ;) haha I seriously have loved this ward so much! The bishop and his family, my Mamita, all the women that went on visits with us, Francisa (who sadly is in Santiago this week :( :( ), our ward mission leader... just everyone! My first family in Chile! Not to mention our investigators.... William, Morelia y Coni, Paulina, this new women America who is AMAZING and going to get baptized I just know, and lots of others! It is sad to leave and not be able to see their progress anymore, but standing up in church yesterday and looking out at everyone I felt super strong that I am leaving this area better than I found it and that I helped strengthen the faith of some while I was here and that is what I wanted to do anyway :) Plus, not to mention all the love and hugs and ¨pass by my house before you leave!!!!¨¨ that I got yesterday haha. Talk about feeling loved! Man, I just love these people :)

Okay, seriously no time but just wanted to say that with all these changes I have been thinking lots about happiness and how I want to always be happy and positive in the mission and how the biggest way we all can feel happiness is through Jesus Christ because He is the ultimate source of gozo. And when we feel his love it just feels us up and we have the desires to come unto Him and do what He would have us do. I love 1 Nep 11:21-23 that talks about how the fruit of the tree is the love of God, and Alma 31:41-43  that talks about how we can develop this love and nourish the fruit through patience, faith, and diligence. Sorry I cant say more about it haha but just remember that the ultimate source of happiness is the LOVE OF GOD and thus we need to nourish our own love of God by obedience and service and all that jazz! :)

I love you all so much and hope you have an amazing week!!! Cant wait to read your emails! I love this work, I love my Father in Heaven, I know I am supposed to go to Osorno, I know this church is true, and I AM HAPPY because eternal life is waiting!!!! :) 

Your Chilean,
Hna. Teeples 

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