July 12, 2013

The Work Continues

May 27, 2013
Familia!!!! y amigos!! :)
It sounds like you all have been super busy! My little family of missionaries, holy cow, I am so proud!! That was such a cool experience with the couple at the ward garage sale thing. Look at you giving references to the missionaries! Woot woot!! Haha I love you all so much! And it sounds like that activity was super awesome too :) Dad, thanks so much for your letter and encouragement last week, and I am super excited to read the rest of your letter this week. I love hearing from both you and Mom :) Kiddies! Done with school, eh?? Holy cow, I cant believe it is summer already. Here it is super cold haha. Winter is just starting! Have tons of fun for me, and play outside in the sun lots, okay kiddies? Haha I miss your faces Jaden, Carter, and Kaci! I did the raptor for my compaƱera the other night and totally thought of you all. Love you! And Ty, dude you are a graduate now! Holy smokes! That is so awesome :) And you are an elder too, right?? Moving up in the world! Good luck with all the traveling this week to Alaska! You are gonna do great! Email me, k? ;) Jakey, you gotta take care of everyone now! Send me pics of your awesome new and improved room and try not to break too many hearts this summer :) Haha love you all family!
Okay, so how is Chile?? Awesome!!! This week we committed two people to a baptismal date in June!! Woot woot!!! I am so excited! :) One is Angela that I told you about last time. Her testimony is really growing and on Saturday we had a lesson with her and her sister and amiga. She wanted them to talk with us haha. We were a ¨surprise for them haha. And then they all three attended church the next day! Aww man, it was so awesome! Our goal is to work with her to understand the importance of baptism and attending church and help her have the encouragement of her family. But she is on her way, and gosh it is so cool to see her excitement and desire to share the gospel! :)
The other is a little 9 year old boy named William. His parents and older siblings are less active and he wasn't baptised when he was 8 cause he has mild autism and the obispo was concerned he didn't understand the concept of baptism. So now we are working with him and teaching his the basics but he is understanding excellently and has a date and we are super excited! Just got to make sure his family is attending church and helping him along. He is such a cutie though... reminds me of my favorite 9 year old boy named Carter! ;)
Other than that, we have been doing a lot working with the less active members in the ward (specifically women) and there are TONS! It is so sad because they all feel like they don't have friends here and basically tell us their life stories haha. But if they could realize that they all feel the same way and they need to help each other, it would be awesome! Right now, we feel like the official visiting teachers of the RS haha and are trying to think of a way to help them feel more united. The Church is starting this new assignments program here in Chile is June to help reactivate members and we are stoked about it. Our role is to visit the less actives and give the bishop ideas of assignments for them to help them have a reason to come to church. I know that this program is going to bring miracles and I am so excited! :)
One other story haha. We have been working with a less active named Francisca this week and it has been awesome to see her growth already! Her family is active but she has been in depression for a few years and hasn't been coming to church. Once again, she just needs a friend. So we have been working with her and in a week she has changed so much! Yesterday she even went with us to teach a lesson and bore an awesome testimony! That lesson in itself was great. When we walked in, Favion was watching LOTR and I knew from that it was gonna be great ;) hahaha. Really though, he was so receptive and literally said I want to be baptised in the same way Christ was... in his first lesson! It was so cool :) And even more great, was he started talking to Fransica about a job (she has been looking for one in child care) and he just happens to work in the same field (quite successfully I might add... I think he is pretty high up there in management or something) and told her to send him her resume. Haha can you say awesome?! That lesson benefited everyone and was such a testimony to me that Heavenly Father works in all sorts of ways to help His children :)
Anyway lots this week, sorry this is so long haha. I just want to share my testimony that I know this is the Lord´s work and we are here to accomplish HIS will. I was reading in the Lorenzo Snow book for this year and he said that we cant always do what we want to do, but when our will is in line with God´s we will have the power to do what we NEED to do. I loved that! It was an awesome reminder to me that I am not here to receive recognition for me works, I am here so others can glorify God. I loved that so much! Read 3 Nephi 12:16. We all have been given this amazing light in the gospel, but it is so others can glorify God. Never forget that family and amigos!! Everything you do... do it for Heavenly Father :)
I love you all so much and I know that this gospel is true and this is the work of Heavenly Father. This is gonna be a big week... intercambios with the sister training leaders Wednesday and I am kind of nervous haha. Plus my bday and Mom thanks so much for sending my package! Super excited for it! :) You all are the BEST!!! Love you with all my heart and excited to read your emails! Keep letting your light shine and remember to give the glory to Heavenly Father. Christ did. So should we :) Eternal life is waiting!!!  :)
Love your Chilena,
Hma. Teeples

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