July 12, 2013

My Last Week of Training!!!

Familia!!! :)

Holy cow, so I have no idea how, but this is my final week of my training! We have cambios the next week and it is possible that Hna. Yepez and I will still be compañeras but it is more likely that one of us is going to go (and that I might train someone......) and AHHHHH!!!!! It is just crazy! I can´t believe it haha. These months have flown by and I seriously feel like the mission is going to be over before I know it! SCARY. haha. But anyway... this week!!! Tons happened :)

First off... progress con Morelia! :) So right now she is our biggest focus because she has a fecha and we have been working really hard with her and her daughter Connie too. Connie is 18 and started listening to the lessons a little after we started teaching Morelia so right now we are trying to catch her up on everything and their schedules are super different right now so this week we had lessons with them at different times. Anyway. we love them so much and love talking to them and stuff but for some reason we have been having a lot of trouble teaching them lately. It was like we were talking about things not related to the gospel more than the gospel and the Spirit wasn't as strong in the lessons and they weren't keeping their commitments and just aghhh... it was like we could literally feel Satan trying to stop their progress on all sides! And it was weird because we are having so much success in our lessons with other people! It hit a low point on Wednesday this week when we left their house after helping Connie and talking to her about her problems, but didn't really teach anything. And as soon as we left it hit me super clearly that if we kept going in this direction, Morrelia would not reach her baptism goal. Hna. Yepez and I talked about it and prayed that night and I remember feeling horrible and just crying and crying. Seriously horrible. I realized that I wasn't fulfilling my purpose as a missionary and if we didn't change, these two people that we love so much weren't going to come unto Christ. And I didn't want to leave feeling that way. The feeling continued during study the next day. Suffice if to say, we both learned a LOT about the Atonement in those short hours. But Hna. Yepez helped me realize that after we have recognized our wrongs and go through that repentance process, it is over. It is done! Christ paid the price for our sins and our job after we repent is to look forward with hope and change. I seriously felt like Alma the Younger when he describes his despair and then his joy after the Atonement haha. Although it was hard, I am so grateful for that lesson I learned! 

Connie &  Hna. Yepez

And after that.... things got better :) That day we had an AMAZING lesson with Connie, really focusing on her and learned so much about her beliefs and everything and holy cow, she has such an open heart and faith and desire to draw close to Christ. I am so excited for her! Also, we had a better lesson with Morelia on Saturday  and she attended church yesterday!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woot woot!!!! :) There is still lots to improve and I can still feel Satan trying to make us fail...  but I know that we are back on the right track now and we WILL win! :)

Speaking of church, yesterday was a day of miracles! :) We had been fasting for people to attend church again and we woke up to SUN! You have to understand there is NEVER sun on Sundays haha and it is usually super cold and people use that as an excuse. Well, yesterday there was sun and there were tons of people at church, including Morelia! And it was fast Sunday and I love hearing their testimonies in this ward and seeing their progress... I always cry haha. I sat there in Sacrament Meeting with Morelia on one side and Francisca on the other and just thought ¨Holy cow... so many changes in the lives of people here! It is amazing!¨:) I know we haven't had a baptism yet, but we have seriously seen the lives of people change so much members and nonmembers and it helped me realize that we are making a difference :) I seriously love this ward and these people so much! 

Also, we had intercambios with the herman leaders this week and I learned lots! First, I had to lead the sector again and I am always amazed at how much I learn doing that haha. Its like you are so much more aware of everything when you are in charge, and I felt so much LOVE for the people we taught. It was also a nice surprise that I can talk and understand just about as much Spanish as Hna. Foster, who is finishing up her mission this next week. Haha I guess I CAN speak Spanish ;) I also learned so much talking to her about her regrets and things from the mission and the biggest one was our relationships with the investigators. She had an investigator that she was best friends with but she didn't get baptized and when Hna Foster left things went downhill. And she told me about all the regret she had for a long time. I just remember thinking of Morelia and how I DO NOT want to feel that way. I have been studying a lot about my purpose this week and have realized that I am here to PREACH about CHRIST, not just be friends with the people. And if I am not doing that, I am not fulfilling my purpose. After this week and that horrible day I think I can say lesson learned! I am a missionary of Christ and preaching the gospel with help these people more than anything else I can do :)

Sorry so long today haha, but to finish real fast I just wanted to share a scripture that I love. Helaman 15:7-8. The steps to conversion! :) It all begins with knowledge, then faith in Christ and then repentance, change of heart and walking in faith until the end! I love the talk of Ann M Dibb about Ï know it. I live it. I love it.¨ I know that once as we learn about the gospel and then APPLY IT, our hearts change and we can truly say that we love the gospel. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!! :) I am so eternally grateful for my Savior and His Atonement and sacrifice for me. I need it. I have so many things to work on, but I know through Him I can change and become better and more converted unto the Lord. I have soooo much still to do in the mission, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to repent and mejorar cada dia. Just like it says in D&C 50:40-41.... I know I am his ¨little child¨and He wont ever leave me solo if I just come unto Him. I love this gospel and I love this mission! I am a representative of Jesus Christ and I am going to help others feel this happiness and joy that I feel because of my Savior! :)

I love you all family!!!! It sounds like from last week that you all are doing great! Mom that camp was awesome, Dad that work is great (and i always LOVE your emails and thoughts! thanks you so much dad :) and that the kiddies are great! Cant wait to read this weeks emails as usual. Tell them all hello and that I miss and love them so much! I hope you all remember every day how much we are blessed to have this gospel and how much peace we have because of our Savior. Without Him, we are nothing! Keep choosing the right and look for opportunities to share the gospel in little ways everyday. I love you all SO MUCH, so be good because ETERNAL LIFE IS WAITING!!!! :)

Your Chilena,
Hna. Teeples

PS: Funny story for the week... the elders brought an investigator to church yesterday that was a little (or maybe a lot) weird and in THE MIDDLE of sacrament meeting, he came up to me and shook my hand and tried to kiss me on the cheek (that's how they greet each other here but we cant as missionaries) and when I wouldn't let him he got mad and went back to sit with the elders. Bahaha. The elders said after the meeting he just wanted to ¨go talk with the sisters!¨ Bahaha the elders felt so bad. Oh the people you met in the mission! 

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