July 12, 2013

The Blessings of Fasting


Holy cow, can you believe it is July already??? I can´t! Haha. It is crazy that I have been here in Chile for two months! Madness haha :) And let me tell you it is the coldest July I have ever experienced ;) 

Okay, so this week! Crazy, as usual haha. We started out the week kinda of rough, but it turned out alright :) We were trying really hard to focus on getting people to church this week because that has been our biggest difficulty so far... and without going to church, no one can get baptized, so... yeah haha. It has been kind of rough. There are TONS of menos activos here in Chile so half of the work we do is trying to reactivate them, plus our investigators that we want to come to church. Anyway, we decided to fast this week for people to come to church, specifically Morelia. Because on Tuesday, a miracle happened with her!! So we have been teaching her and whatnot and she knows the church is true, she just hasn't accepted a date yet because she didn't feel ready and was afraid of failing. Well... Tuesday we passed by her house to she how she was doing (she has been looking for work these past couple weeks and has been super busy with that) and we were talking to her about her interview that day and whatnot. Then, right out of the blue she said, Öh, and I am going to be baptized on July 13.¨ Just like that!! Haha we about choked! We asked her what happened and she explained that God has been fulfilling His promises and so she decided it was time she fulfilled hers too. MIRACLE!!!!! Holy cow, we were so excited!!  Sadly, she didn't attend church and so her fecha is actually the 27 of July. But she WILL attend church! just pray for her :)

ANYWAY.... so were fasting to get her to come to church, and also other investigators and menos activoes we had been working with. Well Sunday rolled around and we hadn't been able to have another lesson with Morelia because she has been so busy with her entrevistas and we couldn't get a hold of her to fijar una cita. Just after she had committed to baptism too! Oh man, I don't need to tell you how sad it was Sunday morning when once again we couldn't get a hold of her to come to church. Suffice it to say it was a bit rough and I think it shook my faith a bit. But that morning I was studying so hard, focusing so hard on having faith, faith, faith and doubting nothing. I felt like our fast had been for nothing and I didn't understand if it was something we had done wrong or if it was just her using her agency. But... we went to church as usual, and although she wasn't there, about 5 other menos activos that we have been working with were :) What a tender mercy from the Lord! Morelia might not have been there, but others were, and THAT was what our fast was for :)

We also had a couple AMAZING lessons this week with a couple new investigators. One is named America (legit, right?) and she is basically a dry Mormon. Holy cow, I am so excited to teach her again! Also, there is Janet and her daughter Paulina and we had an incredible lesson with them and Francisca yesterday. The Spirit was so strong and Janet and Paulina are keeping there compromisos and reading and were so great for Francisca! We talked about the Plan of Salvation and as I was bearing my testimony to them, I could just see Janet´s eyes shining as she looked at me and I knew she knew it was true. And then, all of the sudden Francisca started to cry and told them about the good feeling she had when she remembered these things.... and this is someone who has been inactive for years! Oh my goodness, it is so incredible to see how her testimony grows every time we goes with us to a lesson!!! She is progressing so much! And Janet and Paulina are seriously amazing. So excited for them! 

Also, we planned an awesome activity this week about the historia familiar with the ward to help`them get their names and stuff to go to the temple in August. Not a ton of people came, but a few did and it was awesome to help them. Hna. Martini, the family history hermana, was there helping us too and her passion for the work is incredible. There family history trees aren't like ours in the US... they basically have to start from scratch to find the information about their ancestors and put in the computer and then have it to do work in the temple. But they are all so excited, especially Francisca! The spirit of family history work is seriously incredible and I cant wait to do more with it later :)

Okay, sorry this email it everywhere! haha. But I just wanted to thank you Mom for your faith. It is seriously such an example to me. Yesterday when I was struggling before church, I just kept thinking about all the times I know you have prayed for me and I have seen miracles in my life because of YOUR prayers. For example... the fleas haha. We had them that one week but after that, hardly never. And I know it is because you say every week that you are praying for us :) And I just kept thinking... if Heavenly Father can answer Mom´s prayers about something as simple as fleas, He can answer mine and help others get to church. And He did :) You are such an incredible example to me of faith Mom, and I love you so much!!! We have talked to so many mothers and daughters here that have problems, and my compañera tambien has shared experiences with me about her and her mom and how it was rough. But every time I talk about you I always say....¨My mom is my best friend, and my hero and an angel and I want to be just like her!¨ And you seriously are :) I am so eternally grateful to have you as a Mom and for your sweet, loving example and everything you do for us kids. You are amazing! And I hope you LOVED camp and survived the bears and squealing girls and didn't die of a stress attack! haha :) I love you so much and remember that I am always cheering you on and praying for you and Dad and the kiddies everyday :)

Okay, got to end real fast, but pictures next week! Oh, and could you send my your recipe for cookies and brownies and the oatmeal chocolate chips cookies recipe too?? Haha that would be great! Also, I just wanted to share 2 Nefi 27:23.... Heavenly Father is a God of miracles. We just need faith :) Haha I am learning everyday to have more faith, and you all should too!! I love you all and miss you and feel SO BLESSED everyday to have such an amazing family! Have a great week! Choose the right, read your scriptures, pray, smile, and do your family history work and be missionaries because... eternal life is waiting!!! :)

-Hna. Teeples

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